gran cenote in the riviera maya simply one of the best caverns to scuba dive


Scuba Diving
Gran Cenote
Riviera Maya Mexico

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The name does say it all. This large cenote is one of the most popular diving and snorkeling areas in the Riviera Maya. Located on the highway to Coba just outside of the city of Tulum access could not be easier to this roadside destination. Snorkel inside of this huge cave system without ever diving under the water. Huge stalagmites, stalactites, and columns are yours to be seen by just sticking your face into the water. Cavern divers can enjoy this circular shaped cenote dive as they tuck behind and swim through this underwater wonderland. If your family would like to stay for a picnic you will find plenty of space and the perfect environment for some relaxing.
cenote gran in tulum riviera maya great for scuba diving and snorkeling
Location: In Tulum take the road to Coba just under 4 kilometers. Right side of road
  Hours of operation: 10-5 / everyday of the week  
  Bathrooms: Yes at the entrance  
  Restaurant on site-no but there is a corner store selling sandwiches and hot food  
  Distance from gear up to water: very short walk and down stairs (easy) but wear shoes and walk carefully on the stairs and decking.  
  Gear tables: Yes just back your car up to the tables in the parking lot and there are plenty to choose from  
  Cavern Dives: Max depth 10 m / 33ft (cavern zone) easily a 40 minute dive or more on a cavern tour, permanent gold guideline in place.  
  Cave Dives: But of course. Ask your local guide for the best dives.  
Snorkeling: The whole family can find something to do in the water here. Shallow on one side and deep on the other. Large wooden deck area up entering makes a great entry point. One of the most rewarding snorkeling areas for adventurers of all ages.

Helpful Hint for a more fun experience
Propulsion Techniques:

The following description is one of the recommended techniques for cavern and cave diving the cenotes of the Riviera Maya.
Modified Flutter Kick
this is how you kick in a cenote frog style

Picture provided by S.Gerrard
The Cenotes of the Riviera Maya
 To Purchase this book click on the links "its a Good one to have "

The diver is looking straight ahead, swimming horizontally and moving the ankles only in a casual, alternating style, bending the knees and holding firmly in place. The technique is the most common used in cavern and cave diving.

Rules to follow for all cenote dives:
*No decompression.
*Penetration: max. 200 feet (60m) from opening.
*Depth max. 70 feet   (21m).
*Minimum visibility of 40 feet (12.5 m).
*Large with no restrictions.
*Area with ceiling and some visible light. 
Environmental Concerns:
Please help us to preserve these fragile cenotes. Dive gently!
*Take nothing.
*Reduce drag from equipment.
*No grabbing or pulling speleothems.
*Try not to touch sediments.
Buoyancy & Propulsion:
*Minimize weight and do a buoyancy check before the dive.
*Neutral buoyancy wanted.
*Gentle kicks from the knee and ankle, not the hip.
Body Position:
*Head down slightly, body horizontal
*Mid-water positioning, stay off bottom and top.
Light & Hand Signals:
Our Certified Full Cave Guide will go over all signals with you before the dive.

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